Using the BMW Display Key

Often we forget just how advanced our BMW vehicles are and we don't take full advantage of the available technology. This is common for drivers who take to the roads in their BMW 5-Series vehicles. To help educate our customers and future BMW drivers, consider the BMW Display Key. This advanced piece of technology utilizes a touchscreen to deliver a one-of-a-kind key fob experience. The BMW Display Key does more than simply allow you to access your vehicle without removing it from your pocket and start the vehicle; it also gives you a suite of features to explore.

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Claim a Confident and Luxurious All-Electric BMW i3 in Lafayette, IN

With every new BMW model lineup, there is a greater push towards the future of luxury vehicles with an expertise in fuel efficiency and consistent performance. As the sole all-electric model here at BMW of Lafayette, the BMW i3 is eager to impress local drivers with a peppy, nimble ride quality and a segment-leading driving range. Even if you haven’t considered the i3 in the past, we’re confident that the latest iteration of this electric vehicle will suit your needs well.

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BMW lifts the veil on the upcoming 2019 BMW X4

Well folks, Valentine's Day has come and gone, but while the flowers may have wilted, we here at BMW of Lafayette are still positively gushing over the gift we've been given. Now, we know you're thinking, "Hey BMW of Lafayette, you're a car dealership, you don't get Valentine's Day gifts…do you?" Well, in truth we don't, but we think that the BMW brand's reveal of the new 2019 BMW X4 is a Valentine's Day gift 

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BMW Unveils a Car & Ride Sharing Lease Program

Earlier this week, BMW Group Financial Services announced that they are launching an innovative program in California, Washington state and Oregon that's designed to offer a financial solution for customers looking to participate in the sharing economy.

BMW has long been committed to being in the vanguard of mobility services, anticipating customers' needs and delivering the products that meet those needs. One of the most significant developments in the automotive industry recently has been…

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